A passion for truth, genuine relationships and a desire to create tasteful, hard-hitting rock music defines the men of the Omaha, Nebraska based Rise from Ruin, and impacts hearts as it resonates through their music.  Writing a few songs and diving into the music scene may be fine for some bands, but RFR set out with a different mission from the very beginning.  With the album  written, tracks laid, and the eagerly awaiting fan-base growing, only then would Rise From Ruin be content to take their music to the stage.

Frontman Anthony Cosgrove met Jared Garwood as they were each independently rocking the Omaha scene.  Years later they found themselves available and ready to recommit to the grind of writing, recording, and performing.  While Anthony thought he finally had the bassist he wanted in Jared, a change of heart made things interesting as Jared transitioned to drumming.  Chris Snow– locking down the rhythm on guitars–made it three, and after extensive searching for a bassist, Joseph Justin who Jared has known for years, completed the group.

Since 2009, the guys we know as Rise From Ruin haven’t stopped writing music, producing their own songs, or designing websites and merchandise.  Although very passionate about what they do, getting to know them will reveal their integrity and down-to-earth nature. The lyrics of Rise From Ruin present a positive message to those hurting from life experiences or searching for something more.  Tastefully blending authentic living with intense shredding and melodic harmonizing, RFR seeks to promote passionate, mainstream-friendly alternative rock, because they believe you don’t have to rewrite music history to say something timeless.




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